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About Crypto Wallet Supply

About myself, and how I got here? My initial exposure to cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin was in early 2015. At that time I was researching gold/silver futures trading. While on YouTube I came across a video that was showing how to trade Bitcoin on the various exchanges. Peaking my interest I decided to further research this “internet money” called Bitcoin. For several hours I was glued to my computer, trying to soak-up as much information I possibly could. I’m not exactly sure what article or buzz word clicked in my head; but I knew this technology had the potential to be huge. So that night, and like most beginners in the United States, I signed up for a Coinbase account.

After getting my feet wet and obsessively checking price charts on what seemed like a hourly bases for the following weeks. I decided to get more involved in the space. My attention turned to trading. Poloniex, GDAX, Bitfinex, Bittrex, etc. I had accounts with all these exchanges.

Residing in Washington state eventually forced my hand to hang up the towel and discontinue trading. Several exchanges seized operations because the requirements to be in compliance where too much of a burden. My philosophy now is to buy the dips and HODL (Hold On for Dear Life) To sum up Washington; it rains all the time and we have archaic laws regarding digital currency markets.

Next on the list was Bitcoin mining. Up until this point the only thing I’d heard about mining was; “So and so use to mine on there laptop and now he’s digging thru the local dump to find the computer he threw out with the trash.” So naturally, I decide to jump in feet first and figure out the best miner for the task. 2 months later, I had a few miners at my door step and was up and running in my garage. Immediately followed by funny looks from my wife. Using Bitmain ASIC miners. I have mined SCRYPT, which is primarily Litecoin. As well as X11 which is primarily Dash. I still mine to this day. In hindsight I would have rather invested that money in Bitcoin. However, its been a great learning experience and made me well rounded in the space. I like to think of it as one of the required classes you need to take to get your degree in Blockchain Sciences. Just another feather in the cap.

At some point throughout all of this I question, and began asking myself “How can I securely store my Bitcoin?” Having heard horror stories about Mt. Gox, exchanges shutting down, online wallets getting hacked, malware viruses stealing private keys and compromised passwords. Before becoming a statistic and joining the crowd of those that have lost Bitcoin. It was time to figure something out other than then 2 factor authorization I was using. This eventually lead me to discovering hardware wallets. I decided on the Trezor hardware wallet. After a few YouTube tutorials I was good to go. For the first time I was actually in control of my private keys. It sincerely was a liberating and freeing experience.

I’m often asked whats my favorite cryptocurrency? Litecoin. Why? There’s continuing development with new innovations always in the works. Segwit, lightning network, atomic swaps, confidential transactions, etc.  Litecoin has a 4:1 ratio to Bitcoin. Faster transactions and cheaper fees. At the time of this writing; I’d like to think Litecoin is akin to the opportunity to buy Bitcoin back when it was $65.

Blockchain technology is a trust-less, open source and transparent system. What was once centralized and controlled by the few has now been opened up to the masses thru decentralization. Bitcoin has the potential to run parallel to the current corrupt Central Bank monetary system. It enables users to perform banking type transactions without needing a bank. Hopefully one day it can take it over entirely. “Banking is necessary, banks are not.”

My personal goal as well as company goal is to help with the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. The more people we can help see the potential of cryptocurrency the greater the community will be. This starts with educating others and providing them with the necessary tools and resources. Bitcoin can be intimidating, overwhelming and at times confusing. Educating the newly initiated and mis-informed is half the battle for this wide spread adoption. Next, is to build trust and confidence. One of the vehicles to achieve that trust is with a hardware wallet. That is why I have chosen this small but vital niche in the world of cryptocurrency. This proven method to securely store cryptocurrency will play a big role in that trust and safety that is very much needed.

Having personal goals and business goals together in alignment has made for an enjoyable experience. It truly is satisfying to work on something you enjoy and are passionate about.

Josh Owens
Crypto Wallet Supply