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KeepKey Hardware Wallet

KeepKey Hardware Wallet

The following blog post is a transcript from the below YouTube video. Checkout Digital Trends’

When you purchase bitcoin you get a digital (private) key. If that key were to get stolen you could lose everything. Because the untraceable nature of bitcoin if you lose them there gone forever.

But now theres a device that can keep you bitcoins safe. Its called KeepKey. Up close it looks like a monolith out of a space odyssey. But this device promises to store your bitcoin key in a completely secure way. The way KeepKey works is simple but effective. It protects your bitcoin private key in a standalone device. There's no way someone else can access it unless you yourself provide them your device, password and credentialsWhen you need to make a bitcoin transaction you plug KeepKey into your computer and checkout using KeepKeys’ chrome extension. When your finished you store KeepKey in a safe place.

The device has an attractive finish and a very sturdy feel to it. The back is made of aluminum and the front of the device is a large digital display. There’s a button on the top that controls basic commands. A micro USB on the bottom to connect KeepKey to your computer. KeepKey comes with an attractive sleeve to hold your recovery card, instructions and backup rated micro USB cord.

To use KeepKey you can install Google Chrome and a wallet extension. Plug KeepKey into your computer with the provided USB cable and launch the wallet extension. You’ll be asked to name your device and choose a PIN. A one time recovery sentence will be provided in case you need to recover your private key. Be sure to write this down on the card KeepKey provides and store it in a safe place. Now that your setup, you can load Bitcoins into KeepKey.

Making purchases with KeepKey is pretty straight forward. Plug in your KeepKey and when your ready to make a online purchase using bitcoins. The KeepKey extension pops up and populates all the details of your transaction. KeepKey will ask for your pin. When you confirm the transaction KeepKey will securely send the signed transactions to the bitcoin network….. I’m somewhat new to using Bitcoin but thankfully using KeepKey was pretty intuitive. It was built from the ground up with security in mind. The entire time your making transactions the private key never leaves the KeepKey. It also doesn’t have an operating system. So there are no layers for viruses or malware to infect. KeepKey also works with other digital currencies such as Dogecoin, Testnet & Litecoin. Just to name a few….. It works for PC, Mac & Linux…..

When you consider the quality of its build, its ease of use and multiple security layers. I really think KeepKey is the best device you can use to protect your bitcoins.


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