December Special | FREE US SHIPPING

Hardware Wallets available worldwide!

Bitcoin is far reaching and has no geographical boundaries. The need for a hardware wallet expands all corners of the globe. To accommodate cryptocurrency users around the world we are happy to offer worldwide shipping. For international customers, we ship via DHL. Most orders ship same day and arrive anywhere in the world within 7 days. Crypto Wallet Supply is based in the United States near Seattle, Washington. Below we have listed estimated ship times to some of our most popular shipping destinations.

British Columbia Canada - 2-3 days
Dubai - 5-6 days
India - 6-7 days
Indonesia - 5-6 days
Malaysia - 5-6 days
Melbourne Australia - 6-7 days
New Zealand / NZ - 6-7 days
Pakistan - 6-7 days
Phillipines - 5-6 days
South Africa - 6-7 days
Singapore - 5-6 days
Sydney Australia 5-6 days
Thailand - 6-7 days
Toronto Canada - 2-3 days
United Arab Emirates / UAE - 4-5 days
United Kingdom / UK - 3-4 days

Now matter where you live we can get you the hardware wallet you need. Get yourself a Trezor, Ledger Nano S or Keepkey hardware wallet and take control of your Bitcoin.

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