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Amazon & eBay: Buyer beware

It's not my goal to use scare tactics or sensationalist claims in this post. But there are certain things you should be aware of and consider before pressing the “buy it now” button on eBay or “add to cart" with Amazon. 

First off; we sell on eBay. So were not completely bias. There’s no disputing that Amazon & eBay have incredible amounts of traffic. Amazon is the #2 “search engine” behind Google. Because of this, we use these types of platforms to reach new customers.

Most sellers on Amazon & eBay are reputable companies just looking to make money. A percentage of those sellers are authorized dealers. A small percentage of those have actually used the product and can provide knowledgeable support beyond whats found on the manufacture website. However, there’s still a small minority of sellers that for some reason or another are selling used hardware wallets. I’m sure there are well intentioned people selling there one (1) hardware wallet. But then there's companies that sell multiple qualities of refurbished, used, open box, etc. type units. Based on reports, I can only assume there’s malicious intent behind this. How much do you trust a complete stranger with thousands of dollars? Your essentially giving someone access to your private keys and/or recovery seed. Meaning, someone could easily transfer whatever Bitcoin balance you have in your hardware wallet to an address of there choosing after the sale at a later date in the future.

A brand new hardware wallet can range in price from $89-$129 dollars. The whole purpose of a hardware wallet is to securely store your cryptocurrency. Don’t risk your entire Bitcoin balance just to save a few bucks on a used item. This may seem like common sense to most but there are people new to the crypto space that are unaware of the potential consequences. Help them out and spread the word. The bottom line is this. Purchase a NEW hardware wallet from a reputable, authorized dealer. Of course we would prefer if you bought from us. But if not, at least take our advice and purchase from an authorized dealer. Support the Bitcoin community and the companies & people that contribute to its growth.

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